Pizza waffles

Pizza waffles are the new food sensation
for foodtrucks and fastfood businesses.

What is a Pizza waffle ?

A Pizza waffle is actually a pizza, but baked in a waffle iron.
You can use most kinds of waffle irons, but we prefer waffle machines with the cast iron plates.

Yes, it is possible to use Pizza dough in the wafflemachine,
but we found the result a little disappoining.

We have developed a baking mix and a method
How to make the Pizza waffles – professionally.

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How to make a Pizza waffle ?

Set the wafflemachine at 220 to 240 degrees C
Set the timer to 1,5 minute.

Make the pizzawaffle dough as instructed on the label,
only add water to the mix, stirr and ready.

Spray the machine with a little baking spray.

Use a ice cream scoop to fill the machine with the batter.

Close the wafflemachine, and start the timer.

After 1,5 minute, open the machine, and cut the waffle in half

Take the top of the waffle, and spread both halves with pizza sause.
Top the waffle with ingredients, like cheese and slami,
place the cap back on the waffle, and close the lid of the machine
Bake for another 1,5 minutes.

Bueno Pizza waffle